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Business Travel

Corporate travel services that meet the needs and policies of each company.


We offer the best solution for your business to organize trips in and outside the country. HOW? All you have to do is to define your request … .. the rest is in our care. A dedicated account manager will find the best travel options and will negotiate the best prices. The same account manager will present periodical reports on expenditure, destinations, budgets and will provide cost-effective solutions by drawing the company travel policies in a way that combines the company’s needs with financial efficiency.


Whether it’s business meetings, conferences, team-building, training, business dinners, product presentations or other events, we will assist you to find together the version that will make the event organized by us to reach proposed target and the budget. HOW? First we ask, then we listen and learn about your company, about corporate values, about what you want to get behind the event, going down to the smallest details. Then we study the resources, make market research – hotels, suppliers, services, destinations. Finally we create a complete design that will suit your company’s culture, budget and last but not least, will help you achieve your goals.


We have a vast experience in providing corporate services and constantly improving working techniques, keeping a constant and active contact with domestic and foreign travel in order to provide effective, realistic and relevant solutions. We offer consultancy in the definition of a travel policy, ensure its application, assessment of monthly, quarterly, annual travel costs by service type and identify ways to streamline them. We are a team that is always with the client …. we listen, understand and give you the best solutions to achieve your goals.

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